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Elder Luke Kennard
Apdo #98
Cuautitlan Izcalli
Estado de Mexico
MEXICO 54740

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cesar's baptism

From Luke Kennard's Mission

Answering Prayers

It was mid afternoon Saturday and we had been going to all of our appointments but no one was available or home. I felt like we had been doing exactly what God had wanted so I sent up a prayer telling him that we have doing our best to visit the people he had inspired us to visit but to no avail. Then I asked for someone that was being prepared for the Gospel and that I would also know either by the Spirit or some other means that the person needed to be contacted, but Let thy will be Done Lord.... We kept walking, Turned the corner... Then I thought to myself, Alright God will always answer our prayers but if i really wanted him to answer this prayer then I better start looking for people. So I started scanning every single person in the street. I looked down for a moment to say another prayer telling our Father that I was going to start looking and thinking and searching, I finished. Looked up. and There was Diego. He said IN ENGLISH ´Hey where are you guys from? I always see you pass by, every day, rain or shine, What are you about?´ I was astounded. We began talking, me in Spanish and him in English and then he Laughed and said that he could hardly speak Spanish. I busted up laughing and so did He. But anyways he was from Texas and is learning how to speak Spanish because his Family is from Mexico and he is staying with them for a while. So We started to talk and it was really funny because I had a hard time explaining the Gospel in English. But he was really curious and so we set an appointment for later today (Monday) I´m super stoked! And I was totally floored with how quick God had answered my Prayer. God is there and he answers your prayers, If you don´t believe me put it to the test. Be obedient and the blessings come.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013