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Elder Luke Kennard
Apdo #98
Cuautitlan Izcalli
Estado de Mexico
MEXICO 54740

Sunday, October 20, 2013

3 Things About Mexico, and, Blessings

Luke's family decided to have a FHE about Mexico City so the kids would know more about where Luke is serving. Luke gave the following info as his contribution to the lesson:

3 things about mexico city.
  1. There are one million dogs every 200 square feet. 
  2. There is not a single other race besides Mexican in my part of the city so I get to take a lot of really interesting comments.
  3. I am pretty sure mosquitoes here are racist because they only bite me, and not my compaƱon. I'm going to the superstore tomorrow to get some more repellent. 
He also added:
I had the opportunity to give 3 blessings this week, one being a confirmation. It is hard to do it in Spanish but every single time I was overcome with this dizziness/mind boggling feeling. From my head to my toes it is this wave of godly power. So even though it is hard I know it is what god wants for them.