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Monday, November 11, 2013

Eder's baptism and money/heart stealer

From Luke Kennard's MissionFrom Luke Kennard's Mission

Yesterday we had the baptism of Eder. It was really awesome because a lot of his family showed up. Some are not members and so we got 2 new investigators, one of which is Eder´s dad who came up to me after the service and said ´´Hey I am catholic but I want to be Mormon like the rest of my family. What does it take to get baptized?´´ It was really cool, because I knew that he had received that pounding impression of the Holy Ghost testifying that families should be together forever. 

Hey so something really funny happened today. We were riding in a combi (a van that serves as a bus) and I was reading my letters and stuff and this little girl sitting next to me reached over and held my thumb. I laughed and so did her mom. Then about 2 minutes later she did it again. But for longer. And then again! But this time she didn´t let go. So I just went with it. Her name is Kimberly she is 1.5 years old and she likes to hold the priesthood. ;)  When we were close I handed the money to Kimberly so she could pass it forward to the driver, but she stuck it in her pocket. I said to her in Spanish ´´Oh! so you just wanted to hold my hand so that you could get to my money, huh!?´´  We had the whole combi laughing by the end of the ride. Aw what a charmer. But I might have to go talk to President about this one.... 

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