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Elder Luke Kennard
Apdo #98
Cuautitlan Izcalli
Estado de Mexico
MEXICO 54740

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New glasses, Marta

Luke got glasses:
From Luke Kennard's Mission

And he had a nice story about Marta:

Hey so something amazing happened this week! We went to the house of Marta one of our investigators (the one from the reformed church of LDS). We had a nice Family Home Evening with a demonstration that her two little boys loved! At the end we asked Martha if she would like to share anything. She began to tell us a story of her weekend. She had a dream... A revelation from God. It was that answer we had been praying for and fasting for and working for. We knew that she knew that her church was false but she just couldn´t give it up until last week Saturday. She had a dream that she was surrounded by her family and they were not letting her progress. Then ´´I stood up and told them that they were not going to stop my progression any more. I am going to move forward (sounds a lot like Lehi and his Tree of life dream) It was powerful and she shared her new found testimony in tears.... ´´Elderes yo quiero bautizarme´´ My heart and eyes immediately began to swell as the Spirit bore testimony to all of us that this was the right decision. I can´t wait to send you pictures of the baptism next week! Marta is the convert that has changed my mission.

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